Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Sonja DallingerManaging Director of RED Bernard GmbH

Selected references

Structural health monitoring

Structures pertaining to the transport infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and retaining walls are currently subjected to two seemingly contradictory trends: On the one hand, these structures are getting older, and, at the same time, traffic load is increasing constantly.

To guarantee the safety of the load bearing structures, decisions on maintenance measures must be taken.

Evaluated measurement data obtained from permanent monitoring systems by RED Bernard GmbH provide the basis for these decisions.

RED Bernard GmbH’s core competency is the individual design, configuration, and installation of these monitoring systems, as well as the analysis of the measurement results.

Further information

Measurement technology in new bridge structures

Provides the project leader with essential information about the actual load bearing characteristics and the real load spectrum. The following valuable insights are provided:

  • Comparison between calculated and real load bearing characteristics
  • Assessment of static and dynamic loads and deformations during construction phases
  • Measurement of real load spectrum and real temperature behavior
  • Recording of long-term behavior (settlements, deformations)
  • Monitoring of non-accessible areas to determine corrosion

The maintainer has the following benefits:

  • Knowledge of the real load bearing capacity
  • Assessment of life expectancy based on the real load spectrum
  • Design of inspection measures and intervals
  • Support with inspections
  • Conclusions regarding the potential for improving the construction workflow of future projects